Biden White House Asking Congress for Billions More to Fund War in Ukraine

[Photo Credit: By Office of the President of the United States -, Public Domain,]

The White House on Thursday reportedly unveiled a supplementary budget proposal for Congress for the start of the upcoming fiscal year, asking for billions extra in financing for domestic priorities including disaster relief and border control as well as help for Ukraine during its battle with Russia.

As legislators prepare to debate over larger spending legislation, the Biden administration is asking Congress for around $40 billion in total for the first quarter of fiscal 2024.

This will provide short-term funding for crucial initiatives.

Here is a summary of the administration’s proposal for more funding:

The Biden administration is requesting $24 billion from Congress for military, financial, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

A total of $13 billion in defense funding is requested to help Ukraine; $9.5 billion will be used to purchase weapons and restock the Pentagon, and the remaining $3.6 billion will be used to maintain military, intelligence, and other defense support.

The proposal also includes $2.3 billion through the Treasury Department, $8.5 billion through the State Department, and $1 billion through the U.S. Agency for International Development to offer economic, humanitarian, and security assistance.

The White House must decide if it can persuade enough Republicans, particularly those in the House, to support the supplementary financing request for Kyiv.

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