GOP Presidential Candidate and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Announces He Will Meet Requirement For Upcoming Debate

[Photo Credit: By North Dakota National Guard -, Public Domain,]

The Republican National Committee’s donation criteria will reportedly be satisfied on Wednesday, according to Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND), who will then be eligible to take part in the first presidential debate in the GOP primary next month.

The committee specifies that contenders must have 200 or more unique contributors from at least 20 states in addition to the 40,000 donor criteria in order to participate in the debate on August 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“We’ll cross 40,000 today. But we’re not stopping. Yeah, we’re not stopping there. I mean, we know they’ll keep raising the bar.” Burgum announced to radio host Hugh Hewitt, in reference to the RNC’s donor threshold.

Burgum’s campaign started giving $20 gift cards for every $1 given earlier this month, a move that raised the number of contributors.

Burgum is launching an improbable campaign for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Burgum also lambasted special counsel Jack Smith, who Trump said issued him a letter on Sunday informing him that he was being investigated for his involvement in the Capitol incident on January 6, according to Trump.

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