REPORT: GOP Considering Impeaching Garland

After Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) reportedly urged an investigation into him, some members were apparently caught off guard because the majority of the GOP’s impeachment fervor had been focused on other Biden officials.

The House Republicans are now considering whether to concentrate their impeachment efforts on Attorney General Merrick Garland.

McCarthy has frequently been the voice pushing the conference to proceed slowly and thoughtfully in a year where the GOP has been constantly focused on potential impeachments of President Biden or Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

He has nonetheless been more aggressive when pursuing Garland, a GOP target whose agency is constantly criticized but whose official is less usually mentioned by those GOP members who are most interested in impeachment.

McCarthy raised the issue for the first time in a late last month tweet, praising the testimony of an IRS whistleblower who said that the probe against Hunter Biden was mismanaged and that it may be “a significant part of a larger impeachment inquiry.”

The conference hasn’t jumped to support the notion, but it is now reportedly ready to look into it.

Some have questioned whether there is a legal foundation for impeaching Garland, and others have suggested that other Cabinet secretaries should be examined first.

McCarthy reiterated his plans to take legal action against Garland in a Fox News op-ed last week.

“When a prosecutor shields his boss’s son from investigators, it smells like a cover-up. Garland’s DOJ did not aggressively follow the money. Why? Are they afraid where that trail ends?” McCarthy wrote

“Clearly, someone is not telling the truth, and Congress has a duty to get answers,” he continued.

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