Bannon and Flynn hit With New Subpoenas From Smartmatic

Photo Credit: By Thor Brødreskift / Nordiske Mediedager - TBR_steve bannon_20, CC BY-SA 2.0,

As part of its enormous defamation litigation against Fox News and Newsmax for their support of alleged 2020 election falsehoods, voting technology company Smartmatic has subpoenaed Trump associates Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon.

According to court documents that were made public last week in New York and Delaware, Flynn and Bannon received subpoenas requiring them to appear for depositions and provide answers under oath.

Although the scheduling of the depositions may alter depending on talks and other events in the litigation, they were initially slated for this week.

According to court records, Bannon is also expected to provide Smartmatic with any documents that have been subpoenaed, including any interactions with senior figures from Fox News, the Trump campaign, or the Trump administration regarding the 2020 presidential election.

This story is developing…

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