REPORT: Liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s Net Worth Increased Drastically Since Joining Supreme Court

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In light of fresh information on the Supreme Court justice’s attempts to market her books, financial disclosure forms reveal that Sonia Sotomayor’s net worth has reportedly dramatically grown since she joined the nation’s highest court.

In 2009, Sotomayor received a nomination from then-President Barack Obama to serve on the Supreme Court. Her fortune was a tiny fraction of what it is now at the time.

According to Sotomayor’s 2007 financial disclosure form, the total amount of her investments ranged from $50,001 to $115,000. She listed just two assets, both Citibank accounts: a checking and a savings account.

According to Sotomayor’s financial reports from that year, her two assets were the same, but they were worth $15,001 to $65,000 instead. She held the same investments for the same range of value the year after, when Sotomayor was both nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Sotomayor’s wealth has increased dramatically since that time, elevating her to the status of one of the country’s millionaires.

Her interests in 2021 ranged in value from $1.5 million to $6.4 million, according to financial disclosure documents.

The range of investments from $1.6 million to $6.6 million was almost the same as the previous year.

Before Obama nominated her, Sotomayor earned a monthly salary of around $180,000 as a judge on a federal appeals court, plus an additional $25,000 from instructing law students in the New York region.

After becoming a Supreme Court justice, that pay increased by thousands of dollars.

Except for the top justice, who makes slightly under $300,000, members of the high court currently earned a combined $285,400.

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