PHD Student From U.S. Killed During Visit to Mexico

Photo Credit: National Trails Office (US National Park Service), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

On a study trip to Mexico, a PhD candidate from the University of California, Berkeley was reportedly shot and died.

After his fiancée Roxanne Cruz-de Hoyos reported him missing, the body of Gabriel Trujillo, 31, was discovered in Sonora, Mexico, on June 22.

According to Trujillo’s father, his son was shot seven times.

On the 18th, Trujillo spoke with his father and his fiancée, but on the 19th, he stopped returning calls and messages.

After losing communication and learning from his Airbnb hosts that Trujillo had left his possessions but had not returned, his girlfriend took a flight to the region.

The state prosecutor’s office in Sonora stated that it is examining the evidence.

Sonora, which borders Arizona, is extensively exploited by the cartels and is home to several routes for the smuggling of both people and drugs.

Gunmen from cartels murdered three American mothers and their six children in this violent region in 2019.

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