ESPN Announces Firing of Major Names in Latest Round of Layoffs

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A wave of layoffs at the Disney-owned sports network ESPN reportedly resulted in the firing of some of its most well-known on-air personalities on Friday.

According to a document that The New York Post was able to get, some 20 hosts would be let go on Friday.

Famous people that were let go included NBA commentators Jeff Van Gundy and Jalen Rose, personality Max Kellerman, NFL announcer Keyshawn Johnson, and NFL reporter Suzy Kolber.

When ESPN 2 originally debuted in 1993, Kolber was one of the network’s founding anchors. Kolber returned to ESPN in 1999 after a brief spell with Fox Sports, spending the most of her time covering “Monday Night Football.”

Along with his coworkers Mike Breen and Mark Jackson, who frequently covered the NBA Finals, Van Gundy spent 16 years with ESPN and rose to prominence as one of the most famous voices for NBA coverage.

In an effort to save expenses and in response to criticism that many of its conservative consumers believe the corporation is promoting leftist ideology through its films and television programs, Disney, the parent company of ESPN, lay off over 7,000 workers earlier this year.

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