Former Transgender New Hampshire State Rep Arrested for Possessing Illicit Images of Children

[Photo Credit: By AlexiusHoratius - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,]

Stacie Laughton, the first transgender lawmaker elected in New Hampshire, was detained on Thursday on suspicion of child pornography, according to a new report.

When Nashua police responded to a juvenile issue, they spoke with people who said Laughton had disseminated child sexual photographs. Laughton was chosen in 2012, but his criminal history forced him to quit before assuming office.

After being detained on allegations of stalking a woman, Laughton resigned after being reelected in November 2022.

According to Patch, because the criminal charges were filed against Laughton before he transitioned under his legal name, his criminal past was initially unknown during the election.

Laughton served four and a half months in prison in 2008 for conspiring to steal credit card information.

He was also accused of slashing tires and making up an illness to gain an ambulance ride.

Since then, Laughton has accrued a sizable criminal record.

Laughton was charged with felony making a bomb threat against the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in 2015, which Laughton said was the result of a mental health issue.

After making reparation for the 2008 fraud case, Laughton was permitted to run for government once more in 2019. In 2021, Laughton was detained on seven counts of providing false information and charged with abusing the 911 texting system in the state.

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