British Conservative Leader Boris Johnson Resigns From Parliament

[Photo Credit: By Dianna Bonner for Financial Times - Flickr: Boris Johnson Leo Johnson, CC BY 2.0,]

Boris Johnson, a former British prime minister, reportedly unexpectedly left his position in Parliament on Friday after learning the findings of an inquiry he claimed was conducted to “drive me out.”

A House of Commons committee is examining into whether Johnson misled to Parliament about events at Downing Street that disregarded COVID lockdowns, or “Partygate,” and is investigating Johnson.

Johnson was given a private copy of the “Partygate” report, which has not yet been made available to the general public.

However, he made a suggestion that his political career could still have some life left in it.

Johnson claimed that the report in question “is riddled with inaccuracies and reeks of prejudice but under their absurd and unjust process I have no formal ability to challenge anything they say.”

He may escape punishment or losing his Commons position thanks to his resignation, which also preserves his eligibility to run for office again in the future, should he so choose.

“I have today written to my association in Uxbridge and South Ruislip to say that I am stepping down forthwith and triggering an immediate by-election,” Johnson announced.

Johnson was fined by the Metropolitan Police for attending a party in Downing Street while the COVID lockdown was in effect, making him the only prime minister to be found guilty while in office.

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