REPORT: New York City Now Providing Vending Machines to Distribute Crack Pipes and Condoms

[Photo Credit: By Office of Public Affairs from Washinton DC - USMS-Omaha-52, Public Domain,]

A brand-new vending machine was reportedly unveiled in New York City on Monday.

It offers free crack pipes, condoms, and Narcan for drug overdoses, among other things.

According to city health department officials, the enormous blue machine is the first of four vending machines that will be placed in some of New York City’s most drug-infested areas.

For smoking crack and crystal meth, the vending machines will sell “Safer Smoking” kits that contain a crack pipe, mouthpiece, and lip balm.

The vending machines also sell “Safer Sniffing kits,” Naloxone (marketed under the name Narcan), an overdose-reversing medication, and drug test strips that can identify fentanyl.

The machines were $11,000 for the city.

Condoms, tampons, nicotine gum, and first-aid kits are among the non-drug-related things that customers can purchase from the vending machine.

Drug users can acquire the free products by entering their zip code for New York City.

According to city officials, comparable vending machines in Philadelphia, Nevada, Australia, Denmark, and Denmark in Europe have shown to be successful in reducing overdose rates and disease transmission.

Despite the fact that data on fatal overdoses for 2022 is still being collated, authorities believe it may have been the worst year ever for drug overdose deaths.

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