GOP Gov. Chris Sununu Clashes With Jen Psaki Over Trump/Russia During MSNBC Appearance

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Chris Sununu, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

In a contentious discussion with MSNBC anchor Jen Psaki, Republican governor of New Hampshire Chris Sununu, who has urged the GOP is move on from Donald Trump, reportedly ended up defending the former President.

Following Psaki’s assertion that former President Donald Trump would be subject to another “indictment,” Sununu claimed that such moves would only increase Trump’s support among Americans.

“They are beating up on Trump for political reasons, everybody sees that,” Sununu said to Psaki on Monday.

“What happened with the Russian collusion that never existed effectively exonerated the guy. So, he can play a victim card. You’ve all created a situation where — what kind of planet are we on where Donald Trump has become the victim? That’s really what it is,” Sununu continued.

Psaki reiterated the refuted by Special Counsel John Durham’s report assertion that Russia interfered to aid Trump’s election as president.

“You are creating the ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ syndrome. What happened in New York was wrong. It really was,” Sununu shot back.

“I have to stop you there,” Psaki told Sununu.

“Because we know very clearly that Putin and the Kremlin did intervene in our election in order to try to help Donald Trump back in 2016. So we know that is true,” she claimed.

“Yeah, I will not relitigate the Russian collusion nonsense that went on for two years,”Sununu responded.

Sununu criticized the media once more, claiming that most Americans feel that Trump’s legal challenges are politically motivated, a perception that the former president is using to great effect.

“Nobody buys that any attack on Trump isn’t anything but political. You have created, everybody has created this scenario, and he is playing it to the fullest. He is playing the violin strings better than anybody imagined, which is why his poll numbers, miraculously, are actually going up,” Sununu concluded.

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