Biden Admin Now Walking Back Claims it Killed Al-Qaeda Leader, Now Revealed They Killed Innocent Father of 10 Instead

[Photo Credit: By United States Air Force - http://www.mountainhome.af.mil/shared/media/photodb/photos/030624-F-8833H-050.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7688905]

According to reports, Biden administration officials are reportedly retracting claims they made earlier this month in which they claimed to have slain a key al-Qaeda figure.

The decision comes after the murdered man’s family and those who knew him stated that the father of ten, a former bricklayer, had no links to terrorism and was tending to his sheep when he was killed by a Hellfire missile in Syria.

Shortly after the attack, U.S. officials asserted that a senior Al Qaeda leader had been killed by a Predator drone, but they did not provide evidence or identify the suspect.

The Washington Post, however, reported that 56-year-old Lotfi Hassan Misto was actually the victim of the assault and apparently had no links to the radical groups.

“We are no longer confident we killed a senior AQ official,” an official told the Washington Post.

Another official told the post while the victim of the strike wasn’t they intended target they believed him to be a member of Al Qaeda however did not show any evidence for this conclusion.

The Pentagon has been tight-lipped about the strike and has not disclosed who the target was or whether he or she escaped.

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