Conservative Activist Ali Alexander Apologies After Evidence of Him Grooming 15 Year Old Boys Emerges

[Photo Credit: By Lucian Wintrich - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=117563272]

After being accused of soliciting pornographic images from underage boys, a prominent member of the pro-MAGA “Stop the Steal” movement has now reportedly issued an apology.

One of the MAGA movement’s most well-known personalities is Ali Alexander, who was heavily involved in the events of January 6th and has also become the mainstay in the world of pro-MAGA politics.

Alexander, who has previously identified as bisexual, said he was “struggling with same-sex desire” in his apology addressing allegations.

The pro-Trump and white nationalist “America First” movement has also been rocked by the internet controversy, only months after it rose to new heights of fame after its head, Nick Fuentes, dined with President Trump and musician Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago.

Fuentes, who espouses racist views, is already under criticism from his own supporters about whether he disregarded warnings that Alexander, his buddy and ally, was reportedly seeking nude photos from young guys in Fuentes’ organization.

Many conservative commentators and other observers spoke out after the news broke on Monday:

In conservative internet communities, rumors have been circulating regarding Alexander’s alleged sexual activities towards younger males at least since 2015.

But things escalated late last month after Alexander and Fuentes forced Milo Yiannopoulos out of a potentially lucrative role in West’s fledgling presidential campaign. Yiannopoulos is a divisive British provocateur who was formerly an ally of Alexander.

In an effort to demonstrate that Alexander made sexual advances against at least two teens as well as mature males in their 20s, Yiannopoulos began publishing video interviews and other evidence.

Yiannopoulos believes he has more incriminating tapes to leak regarding Alexander and Fuentes.

Yiannopoulos’ own career as a far-right commentator collapsed in 2017 after statements he had made downplaying the gravity of pedophilia surfaced.

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