Don Lemon’s History of Misogyny at CNN Revealed

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This week, a new report has blown the lid off of CNN anchor Don Lemon’s history of allegedly misogyny.

The report detailed multiple claimed occurrences of Don Lemon treating women improperly at CNN that had occurred over the course of more than a decade. The report was published this week.

According to Variety, the alleged event that occurred initially took place in 2008 while he was presenting CNN’s “Live From” alongside Kyra Phillips.

The two had been getting more irritated with one another for months up to the moment where things came to a head when Phillips was given a job that Lemon desired.

According to the complaint, Lemon allegedly called one of the female producers “fat” in front of her.

He is also said to have made fun of Nancy Grace, who was working for CNN at the time, while she was on live, which allegedly made some people at the network angry.

After Soledad O’Brien was selected to host the documentary series “Black in America” on CNN, there were apparently tensions between Don Lemon and O’Brien, who was serving as an anchor at CNN at the time.

During the course of an editorial call, it was alleged that Lemon stated that she was somehow not black.

One woman who spoke out expressed frustration that the company had allegedly stopped putting her on television after she voiced a disagreement with Lemon.

In the beginning of this year, Lemon got into difficulties as a result of a fight he had with his two female co-hosts on the show “CNN This Morning.”

In addition, he was slammed for his statement that Nikki Haley, who is 51 years old, is “beyond her prime.”

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