Biden Appears to Laugh After Being Asked if Christian Children Targeted in Nashville Were Victims of Hate Crime

[Photo Credit: By The White House - P20210805CS-1270, Public Domain,]

On Tuesday, a reporter asked President Biden whether the transgender gunman who opened fire at a Christian elementary school in Nashville was targeting people because of their Christian faith. President Biden responded with laughter to the question.

The response of President Joe Biden raised eyebrows when he was informed that Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) felt that the attack did target Christian believers.

“Well, I probably don’t, then,” Biden cackled in response to a question asking whether he believed Senator Hawley’s characterization of the attack was correct “No, I’m joking. No, I have no idea.”

On Tuesday, Hawley, who is 43 years old, demanded that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security examine the shooting, which was carried out on Monday, as a hate crime committed against Christian believers.

The violence killing spree claimed the lives of three adults and three children. The children were all nine years old.

The shooter, who has now been identified as Audrey Hale, was killed by police in the immediately aftermath of the killing spree.

Hale, who was a biological female who identified as transgender, had apparently been staking the school out in the time prior to her rampage.

Police have since confirmed that Hale left behind a manifesto that apparently attempted to justify her actions but have so far decided not to reveal its contents to the public.

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