Shooter in Attack on Christian School in Nashville Identified

[By Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States - Police Line Do Not Cross, CC BY 2.0,]

The shooter who killed three children and three adults during a savage attack on a private christian school in Nashville on Monday has now been identified.

The identity of the shooter has now been confirmed to be 28 year-old Audrey E. Hale, who was reportedly transgender and used he/him pronouns.

The news was confirmed by NBC news, who spoke with law enforcement officials concerning the identify of the shooter.

Hale was killed by police officers who were responding to the shooting.

It is currently unknown what may have motivated Hale to attack the private Christian school.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that the shooter’s transgender identity may have played a key role in their motivations for the brutal attack which left three children (all reportedly age 9) and three adults dead.

This story is developing…

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