New Report Claims Marianne Williamson Abused Her Staff

[Photo Credit: By Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA - 20190907-DSC04780, CC BY 2.0,]

According to a new report, former members of Marianne Williamson’s team who worked on her 2020 presidential campaign are now claiming that their time there was  “traumatic” due to erratic and allegedly abusive behavior on Williamson’s part.

Williamson is a well known former Democratic presidential contender and self-help author.

After interviewing 12 former members of Williamson’s staff, the report from Politico claimed that the author of multiple books on love and healing would rage at her workers to the point that they would cry.

The employees characterized Williamson as being harsh, with unpredictable outbreaks of fury, and as someone who would shout so loudly that hotel personnel would check on the room many times.

Three members of Williamson’s team remember her tossing her mobile phone at members of her team, and another outburst ended in her repeatedly banging a car door so hard that she needed to go to urgent care as a result of her injuries.

It was stated by other aides that she was preoccupied with the appearance of her team, and that she would criticize some members for being overweight.

The staff members said that she exhibited highly erratic conduct.

She became irate when it was discovered that the hotel room she was staying in did not have a bathtub but rather a shower.

Williamson’s 2020 New Hampshire state chair, Paul Hodes, a former member of the Democratic House of Representatives, told Politico that he had similar interactions with the candidate.

Williamson ensured that all of her staff members signed stringent nondisclosure agreements so that they wouldn’t talk to the media about how she managed her campaign.

She admitted that she went once went to and urgent care center for a hand injury and that hotel staff checked on her after her outbursts, but she proceeded to defend her behavior by saying that she didn’t physically hurt anyone and that raising one’s voice is typical behavior for politicians.

She also said that the hotel staff had checked on her after her outbursts.

Williamson decided not to continue her run for president in the Democratic primaries and instead threw her support behind Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont during the 2020 race.

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