State of Texas Announces Takeover of Failing School District in Blue City

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After claims of inappropriate behavior by school trustees and persistently poor academic performance at its schools, Texas officials reportedly announced on Wednesday that the state will assume control of the eighth-largest school system in the United States.

Mike Morath, the Commissioner of Education for the state of Texas, made the announcement that the Houston Independent School District will formally become under the jurisdiction of state officials (HISD).

Morath claimed that the action is the most effective method to get the district back on track, and he supported his position by pointing to a state legislation that requires Texas officials to take charge.

In 2019, officials started working on taking control of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) when it was announced that Wheatley High School had gotten seven straight unsatisfactory ratings and dozens of other schools in the system had received D or F grades.

The schools had to either close or form a board of managers to replace the previous district board members because the dismal grades triggered a state rule that necessitated school closures.

Officials from the district filed a lawsuit against the state, but the Texas Supreme Court decided to dismiss it because of new education rules that were just established by the Texas legislature. These laws gave the state the right to take control of the situation.

It has been reported that authorities from the Texas Education Agency would select a board of managers as well as a superintendent to govern the district until the conclusion of the school year in June.

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