REPORT: China Stole U.S. Military Plans for F-22 to Create Their Own Super Fighter Jet

[Photo Credit: By TheForeverStory - Own work, CC0,]

According to a new report, China could maintain its pacing challenge for the United States military if additional steps are not taken to better protect sensitive information regarding weapons systems.

China reportedly developed its fifth-generation fighter jet by copying technology used by the United States military.

In 2008, China started the development of the J-20 as part of a goal to construct a new fighter that could compete with ones that are produced in the United States.

2011 was the year that the airplane had its first voyage; it entered service the following year.

In 2015, reports on the plane’s technology and capabilities began to notice similarities between it and the fighter jets manufactured in the United States.

One such report by the Associated Press stated that some of the plane’s technology, as it turns out, may very well have originated in the United States itself.

All of this is a direct result of China’s persistent theft of intellectual property, which has allowed the country to develop a stealth fighter of the fifth generation, comparable to the United States’ F-22.

This has allowed China to further close what was once an almost insurmountable gap between the two militaries in terms of their technological capabilities.

As tensions between the United States and China continue to rise and officials in both countries continue to discuss the possibility of an invasion of Taiwan, which could include a military response from the United States, the gap in military technology that exists between the two countries has received renewed attention.

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