New Jersey State Senator Switches From Republican to Democrat Due to Primary Challenge

[Photo Credit: By Lowlova - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

After GOP party officials questioned his eligibility for office, a New Jersey state senator and Trump Republican has now reportedly stated his intention to switch parties.

Samuel Thompson, 87, said Monday that he will run for re-election as a Democrat after serving four terms as a Republican.

Thompson, 87, stated over the phone that he chose to leave the Republican Party after party leaders questioned his suitability for office due to his age.

“Everybody is entitled to their own choices and what they’re going to do.” Thompson replied after being asked if his friendship with former President Trump might somehow impede his transition into the Democratic party.

“The betrayal by so many of my friends — that was too much for me. I am not leaving my party. My party leadership has left me.” Thompson said regarding his political transition.

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy issued a statement welcoming Thompson to the party and describing him as a diligent public worker.

Thompson, a former Army research scientist, has announced his intention to seek for government in this year’s parliamentary election.

He stated that, in contrast to other politicians who work part-time as legislators while simultaneously having other occupations, he works solely as a legislator.

Thompson represents sections of Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean counties in the 12th Legislative District.

This year, all 120 members in the Assembly and Senate are up for reelection.

Thompson’s primary is scheduled for June, when he would have faced a primary rival in the Republican Party.

It is unknown whether Democrats will have a candidate to challenge him in the party’s primary.

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