Hillary Clinton Reportedly Believes Kamala Harris Lacks Ability to Win Future Democratic Presidential Primary

[Photo Credit: By Lashaull - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49763613]

Top Democrats are now reportedly doubting Vice President Kamala Harris’ leadership ability.

Former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is also said to be skeptical of Harris’ chances

According to a new article from the New York Times, two Democrats recalled Clinton rejecting Harris’ prospects of winning a presidential primary because she had the essential political instincts to prevail.

In addition to the direct criticism from Clinton many other democrats also sounded similar concerns according to the report.

Several Democrats in the White House, on Capitol Hill, and throughout the country, including those who helped place her on the Democratic Party’s 2020 ticket, claimed Harris had not risen to the responsibility of showing herself as a future leader of the party or the country.

Even other Democrats, whom her advisors steered reporters to for positive statements, privately expressed disappointment in her.

The news comes soon after a similar report surfaced at the Washington Post.

Even with President Biden now appearing to be set on running for re-election Democrats are still concerned that Harris’s continued presence on the ticket could undermine Democrats’ chances in 2024, especially in light of Biden’s advanced age.

Harris’s approval ratings remain low, significantly below President Biden’s.

Facts which do not seem to paint a favorable picture of Harris’s political future.

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