Nancy Mace Blasts Right Wing Critics for Attacking Her Over Liberal Abortion Position

[Photo Credit: By Jm817 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

Republican South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace reportedly blasted the “far-right” on Sunday for allegedly targeting her abortion position during an appearance on ‘Meet the Press.’

The representative added that the “far-right” and “far-left” are out of touch with the majority of Americans on abortion, and that the Roe v. Wade decision in June, as well as Republicans advocating for abortion restrictions, harmed the party in the midterm elections.

She claims that the great majority of swing voters in her district disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, but are prepared to compromise on the issue.

Pro-life advocates have accused Mace of stifling the cause and opposing unborn child safeguards.

According to the non-profit Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, Mace has frequently hampered the movement’s attempts to combat pro-abortion fanaticism.

The lawmaker blamed Republicans’ slim House majority following the midterm elections on a lack of common ground and the preponderance of extreme voices within the party.

She lauded West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin for his efforts to achieve a bipartisan consensus on divisive matters.

“I’m repeatedly attacked by pro-life groups even though I am pro-life. I’m at least willing to have some concessions, find that middle ground because the vast majority of people I represent, that’s what they’re asking for. Not digging in on the far-right or the far-left on this issue.” Mace said during an appearance on ‘Meet the Press.’

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