Biden Pledges to Ban Assault Weapons During MLK Day Speech

[Photo Credit: By Elvert Barnes -, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

President Joe Biden reportedly declared on Monday that he will continue his push to prohibit all so-called “assault guns” during remarks at the National Action Network’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast.

According to the president’s comment, Biden committed to maintain his objective of banning assault weapons.

“About a month after Buffalo and Uvalde, visited both, I signed the first major gun safety legislation in 13 years and I’ll say what I said then and I’ll say it over and over again: I am going to get assault weapons banned.

I did it once and I’m going to do it again,” Biden said during the event.

“I love my right-wing friends who’ll talk about the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots. If you need to worry about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s you don’t need an AR-15,” Biden continued.

Biden called for a ban on semi-automatic handguns in November, saying the ability to acquire these weapons is “simply sick.”

Furthermore, during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day luncheon, Biden said that AR-15s are only permitted because of money.

The Rev. Al Sharpton joined Biden at the National Action Network’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day brunch at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. The event honored former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Arndrea Waters King.

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