Don Lemon Presses Chuck Schumer Over Double Standard on Biden Classified Document Scandal vs Trump’s

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On Friday, “CNN This Morning” presenter Don Lemon reportedly challenged New York Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on his reactions to President Joe Biden’s confidential materials against those of former President Donald Trump.

Following allegations that his attorneys discovered 10 documents with classification marks inside Biden’s private University of Pennsylvania Office in November, a special counsel is examining the president’s probable misuse of sensitive material.

On December 20, Biden’s personal counsel notified the Department of Justice (DOJ) that a second batch of secret documents had been discovered in the president’s garage in Wilmington, Delaware.

“According to one justice official, said that ‘the White House public statements earlier this week offered an incomplete narrative about the classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president reinforced the need for a special counsel. The misleading statements created the impression that Biden’s team had something to hide.’ That doesn’t sound that much different than the former president,” Lemon said to Schumer.

“Don, there’s now a special prosecutor. Let’s see what they have to say. We can have all this speculation and comment, let’s see what they have to say and let’s focus on doing things that help the American people.” Schumer responded.

“But sir, I have to say this, you seem much more measured about this than with the Trump documents because you called for transparency with the Trump documents. You wanted lawmakers to have access to the documents, seize the former president, his residence in Florida,” Lemon responded.

Democrats have claimed that the records in Biden’s possession differ from the files obtained by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago in August.

A special counsel is also looking into the materials that were previously kept at Trump’s property.

Poppy Harlow, a CNN presenter, said that there is a lack of transparency over the records discovered in Biden’s home.

Schumer attempted to claim that legislators and the public should not draw any inferences about the papers until the special counsel’s inquiry is completed.

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