ABC Reporter Attempts to Blame Republicans For Border Crisis, While Making False Claim About Biden

[Photo Credit: By United States Naval Forces Central Command -, Public Domain,]

Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican from Texas, was reportedly told by ABC News’ Martha Raddatz on Sunday that President Biden never urged anyone to cross the border, in spite of a plethora of evidence to the contrary.

In addition to making the false claim about Biden’s past statements, Raddatz then went on in an attempt to somehow pin blame for the unfolding border crisis on Republicans.

In advance of the Wednesday expiration of the previous president Trump’s Title 42 border regulations, Raddatz talked with the governor on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

Cities in Texas, particularly those in El Paso, which has already proclaimed a state of emergency due to the border issue, may be in for an even greater flood of migrants in the coming weeks due to the expiration of the Trump era policy.

Raddatz maintained that Biden never advocated for open borders or exhorted migrants to “come on over,” despite the fact that Abbott often blamed Biden and other Democratic leaders for fueling the border issue.

While arguing for a more liberal border policy during a 2019 Democratic presidential primary debate, the President Biden did, in fact, tell migrants “you should come” notwithstanding Raddatz’s false assertion that Biden never encouraged migrants.

Many migrants who have since been interviewed have indicated that they came because Biden was elected president.

Since he took office Biden has now clearly advised immigrants not to come, however, photographs of refugees wearing t-shirts that read “Biden please let us in” have appeared along with a massive tidal wave of new migrants.

After Title 42 expires, the Department of Homeland Security has predicted that there may be 9,000 to 15,000 border crossings every day.

The Biden administration has been hesitant to outline the precise procedures that would be done, despite the White House’s insistence that preparations have been made for when the program expires.

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