Democrat Congressman Speaks Out on Immorality of Liberal Censorship of the Hunter Biden Story

[Photo Credit: By Ro Khanna -, Public Domain,]

Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California, reportedly said on Friday that Twitter’s decision to hide the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020 was wrong, in the process casting shade on fellow liberals who had previously attempted to ignore the revelations.

Khanna is the only Democrat in Congress who has openly expressed alarm about Twitter’s censoring of the New York Post’s laptop story.

On December 2, former Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi posted an email from the “Twitter Files” revealing Khanna’s conversation with Vijaya Gadde, former general counsel and head of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter, to discuss the report’s suppression.

Several major media commentators and Democratic politicians have tried to play down the “Twitter Files” and the Hunter Biden laptop narrative. The publication of the materials, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, was a “distraction” planned by Musk to peddle “old news.”

“I believe that Twitter is the modern public square and it’s one thing to say they shouldn’t have released sensational pictures about Hunter Biden which I agree with. But to censor the New York Post, to prevent sharing the articles, that is just wrong and I stand by what I wrote and I hope they will do that in the future even though they’re not obligated to live up to the First Amendment, they shouldn’t be censoring journalists or things that they disagree with.” Khanna told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” during a Friday appearance.

Musk and Bari Weiss, the founder and editor of The Free Press, released the second round of “Twitter Files” on Thursday evening.

Weiss revealed that previous Twitter management and systematically censored conservative accounts without notifying them, through a process commonly referred to as “shadowbanning.”

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