REPORT: Expert Believes Manchin Could Run for President in 2024

[Photo Credit: By MDGovpics -, CC BY 2.0,]

According to one analyst, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) may not run for reelection to the Senate but may seek higher office.

The moderate Democrat is anticipated to have a challenging reelection campaign against a field of Republican contenders in a Republican stronghold state.

On the Talk of the Town radio show, Fairmont State University professor Greg Noone mentioned strong GOP contenders, including Gov. Jim Justice (R-WV), as reasons Manchin might explore a presidential candidacy.

“I think Joe Manchin can have an impact on the Democratic party, he can pull the Democratic party back to the center. He can argue what Joe Biden argued a few years ago which is I’m electable in November.” Noone said during the interview.

Noone also believes there is what he termed a “Jim Justice Factor” that would cross partisan lines and propel incumbent U.S. Senator Jor Manchin into a presidential run in 2024.

Noone also went on to claim that Manchin running for President in 2024 would be a big chance for the Democratic Party to win important states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The West Virginia seat is one of the GOP’s top priorities for the 2024 elections, with Jim Justice and Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) already planning to run against Manchin.

The moderate Democrat Senator has been a key player in U.S. politics over the past several years, often being seen as the one man who could single handedly sink or advance President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda.

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