Biden Claims He Wants to Ban all ‘Semi-Automatic Weapons’

[Photo Credit: By Fish Cop - Own work, Public Domain,]

President Joe Biden is now under fire once against, after he made a series of remarks in which he expressed his desire to ban all ‘semi-automatic’ weapons.

After a handful of recent massacres, President Joe Biden indicated on Thanksgiving that he plans to try to limit law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights by outlawing “semi-automatic” rifles.

Biden made the statements in the aftermath of a recent massacre at a gay bar by a man who purportedly identifies as non-binary, as well as a manager who killed a number of his co-workers at the Walmart he worked at.

Biden has previously stated that a logical approach would be one that forbids Americans from having high capacity magazines in their firearms.

Biden has also claimed that he wants to outlaw “multiple bullet clips,” which many observers believe would effectively ban most semi-automatic rifles.

Biden has previously said that humans don’t need high-capacity magazines since deer don’t wear “Kevlar vests.”

The lame duck session of Congress begins next week, with a to-do list that includes the must-pass government funding measure, as well as other objectives.

However, any action on gun regulation, notably the assault weapons prohibition advocated by Biden, lacks the numbers to succeed.

Biden, like many Democrats, has a history of espousing anti-gun rhetoric, though so far his administration has failed to pass any significant gun related legislation.

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