REPORT: Team Biden Worried About Facing Non-Trump Republican in 2024 Race

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

According to a new report by CNN, Democratic elected leaders and operatives are concerned that a younger Republican challenger like Ron DeSantis might pose a major danger to President Joe Biden’s reelection chances.

Top Democratic leaders reportedly believe Biden has a good chance of defeating former President Donald Trump in 2024, but are much more concerned that a younger Republican candidate may represent a major challenge to Biden.

Many are anxious that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has yet to declare his candidacy, will defeat Biden, while others feel it is time for a new generation of candidates from both parties.

Even with a possible recession approaching next year, Biden and his advisers believe his reelection case will only strengthen, especially if they face former President Trump in 2024.

They claim that voters will begin to reap the advantages of the laws approved by the president during the last two years.

They believe that straining House Republicans’ tenuous grasp on power through government shutdowns and debt limit showdowns in order to compel repeals of those same legislation will benefit them even more.

Four Democratic members of Congress, who asked not to be identified in order to talk frankly, estimated that at least half of their colleagues would choose someone other than Biden as their 2024 contender if they could vote secretly.

In addition, two unidentified Democratic insiders are “uneasy” about Biden’s chances against DeSantis or another younger Republican, while another says Biden’s odds are “not great.”

According to an October survey conducted by the Economist/YouGov, a majority of Democrats would oppose Biden running in 2024.

26% of respondents supported Biden seeking for reelection, while 52% opposed it.

While former President Trump announced the beginning of his official 2024 presidential campaign last Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has yet to declare his exact intentions for future political office.

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