REPORT: Polling Site 538 Now Claims GOP Has a 51 Percent Chance of Winning the Senate

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The famous political polling site 538 has now issued an update to its forecast on the chances of each party holding the Senate after the midterm elections.

The site had previously given a non-inconsiderable advantage to Democrats, however it has now been forced to retract those predictions and now officially states that it believes that Republicans have a 51 percent chance of taking the Senate.

The forecast from 538 went on to claim that the party that wins at least two of the three closest states will likely win control of the Senate.

That means Republicans need to prevail in either Nevada, Georgia or Pennsylvania.

In addition while Arizona and New Hampshire have traditionally leaned Democratic there is also chances for the Republicans to win these states as well if the prediction by some political observers of a ‘red tsunami’ does come to pass.

Republicans across the country have benefitted from a surge in polling numbers since the beginning of October, with voters giving Democrats generally poor ratings on issues like crime and inflation.

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