New Poll Shows Huge Amount of Americans now Believe Crime has Increased in Their Neighborhoods

[Photo Credit: by Highway Patrol Images.]

More Americans are reporting an increase in crime in their neighborhoods than at any time since Gallup began tracking the issue in 1972.

According to the group’s most recent poll, 56% of U.S. adults believe there is more crime in their neighborhood than the previous year, a 5-point increase from 2021. The highest level previously recorded by the pollster was 54% in 1981 and 1992.

Only 13% of those surveyed say there is less crime and 7% think there is about the same amount as before.

Gallup also measured adults’ perceptions of national crime increases, discovering that 78 percent believe there is more crime in the country this year than last.

The differences were noticable between different political factions, with 73% of Republicans saying crime in their area has risen, while 51% of independents also agreed, but only 42% of Democrats felt the same way.

In addition city residents’ concern about being mugged, murdered or sexually assaulted have risen significantly in the past several years, outpacing the same fear expressed by those living in rural locations or the suburbs.

The findings come as crime remains one of the top concerns among likely midterm voters with polls also showing a significantly surge among those planning to vote Republican in the past several weeks.

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