Democrat Chicago Mayor Makes Move To Raise Her Own Pay As Crime Spirals Out of Control

[Photo Credit: By MacLean Center, CC BY 3.0,]

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is fighting for an increase in her $216,000 salary, despite the fact that the city’s crime has surged significantly under her leadership.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the Mayor’s compensation hasn’t increased since 2005, but Lightfoot’s current budget plan includes an annual wage adjustment equal to the rate of inflation, capped at 5%.

Under Lightfoot’s leadership, Chicago has witnessed significant increases across a wide variety of criminal categories, including homicide.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, a 5% pay hike would add $10,810 to Lightfoot’s compensation in the first year, beginning Jan. 1, 2024.

Pay rises would also be given to the city treasurer, municipal clerk, and council members, however 17 council members have previously denied the hike.

Since Lightfoot entered office in January 2019, Chicago’s crime rate has increased by 40%, including a 56% increase in sexual assault allegations, a 15% increase in robberies, a 52% increase in thefts, and a 132% increase in motor vehicle thefts.

According to Brookings, the increase in crime between the years 2019 to 2020 was even more significant, with a 53% increase in murders per 100,000 population, from 18.9 to 28.9.

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