REPORT: New Poll Shows Abortion Not Top Issue for Female Voters

[Photo Credit: By Phil Venditti -, CC BY 2.0,]

A new survey is now indicating that abortion is not actually a top issue for female voters, and that most women actually support abortion restrictions that would have been declared unlawful under the Roe v. Wade precedent.

The data seems to possibly deflate the hopes of many Democrats that gaining an electoral edge on the issue of abortion will help the party fend of challenges from Republicans during the upcoming midterm elections.

According to an RMC Research/America First Policy Institute poll inflation was nearly four times as likely as abortion to be listed as the most important issue for female respondents.

Only 54% said abortion was very important in determining their vote compared while 74% said inflation was.

Democrat super PACs and campaigns have so far spent significantly more money on abortion messaging than they did in the 2018 elections, with the apparent idea that female voters, in particular, will vote Democrat in droves to protest increased abortion restrictions.

However the polling now does not seem to support those assumptions.

The data contradicts a typical Democratic talking point: that repealing Roe would be a windfall to Democrats as pro-abortion supporters, particularly women, raced to the polls in November to vote for candidates that supported extreme left-wing positions on the issue.

Women were more likely to perceive inflation, crime and gun violence, health care, economic difficulties, and education to be extremely important. In addition, a surprising number actually supported some abortion restrictions.

Most women (60%) backed a 15-week abortion restriction, and 45% would vote for a candidate who stated abortion should be permitted only when the mother’s life is in danger, compared to 34% who thought it should be allowed at any time up to delivery.

Between August and October, 1,200 registered voters were interviewed for the poll, with a margin of error of 2.8%.

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