REPORT: Top Democrat Senator in Peril as Poll Shows Republican Challenger Surging

[Photo Credit: By Senate Democrats - FBKlive_062419 (78 of 115), CC BY 2.0,]

According to a recent Connecticut Examiner/Fabrizio and Lee & Associates survey, Republican Senatorial candidate Leora Levy is narrowing the gap on Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal only weeks before the November elections.

According to the survey, Levy is only five points behind the incumbent Senator Blumenthal, with results indicating 44% to 49% with a 2.8% margin of error.

According to her website, Levy, who has served as the Republican National Committeewoman for the State of Connecticut since 2016, promises to replace career politician Blumenthal’s “far-left policies” that endanger “freedom and security.”

Blumenthal intends to fight as if he is “10 points” behind, according to Blumenthal spokeswoman Ty McEachern.

Tim Saler, spokesperson for the Levy campaign, reveled in the news, saying “It took until mid-October, but finally a public survey reflects the reality of this race: Leora Levy is in a margin-of-error, neck-and-neck race with Dick Blumenthal, a career politician with a thirty-seven-year head start. Dick Blumenthal is under 50 percent despite spending more than $5.3 million dollars on advertising since the middle of June,”

Levy’s surprisingly strong showing in recent polling mirrors that of much of the GOP nationwide as it benefits from negative public perceptions of the Biden administration.

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