Husband of Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Rewarded with Cushy Consulting Job

[Photo Credit: By Pete For America -, PDM-owner,]

The husband of the Biden administration’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, a man who was previously a teacher, has now reportedly been rewarded with a cushy consulting job in Washington.

Chasten Buttigieg, Pete Buttigieg’s husband, has joined KNP Communications as a senior consultant, in spite of having no relevant experience or expertise in the field.

KNP Communications is closely associated with the Democratic Party.

Since 2009, KNP Communications has received over $850,000 from Democratic candidates and groups, including $89,000 during the 2021-2022 election season.

Members of Congress, state and municipal legislators, presidential candidates, business executives, philanthropic organizations, activist groups, university presidents, media commentators, and celebrities, according to the firm, are among its many clients.

Given his husband’s position in the Biden administration, Chasten’s new employment may raise questions about a potential conflict of interest.

Even putting such a likely conflict aside however, KNP is also known for the extreme liberal viewpoints of many of its employees.

A managing partner at KNP Communications, Matthew Kohut, wrote sometime in 2021 that America “is at war with a toxic ideology that has taken root among more than a third of the population” in reference to conservatives, who he compared with Nazis.

Chasten, previously employed as a middle school, has benefitted immensely from his husband’s 2o2o presidential campaign. A campaign that ultimately failed. Chasten has since rocketed from obscurity, achieving both a fellowship from Harvard and a book deal in the time since.

In spite of his inability to achieve higher office, Buttigieg is still touted by many Democratic observers as a potential 2024 contender if President Joe Biden choses not to run for reelection.

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