Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal From Mike Lindell in Defamation Fight

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Mike Lindell, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

The U.S. Supreme Court shot down an appeal filed by MyPillow CEO and outspoken Trump supporter Mike Lindell related to a defamation suit brought against him from a voting machine company that he had previously accused of helping to ‘rig’ the 2020 Presidential election.

Dominion Voting Systems, which makes voting equipment used in multiple states, sued the noted Trump supporter over his claims

The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case now means the defamation action against Lindell may officially proceed.

According to the $1.3 billion complaint, Lindell injured the manufacturer’s reputation by pushing assertions that it influenced the election in favor of now-President Biden.

Lindell is a close Trump friend who has maintained and promoted claims that the 2020 election was stolen from the former president.

Dominion is also suing former Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani for falsely claiming that the 2020 election was stolen, but the two were not engaged in Lindell’s Supreme Court appeal.

Lindell’s plea to dismiss the case had previously been denied by a lower court in August, and the Supreme Court’s refusal to consider his appeal means the litigation will go forward.

Lindell is a defendant in a lawsuit in which Dominion also charged Trump supporters Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani for defamation for falsely asserting that the election was “stolen.”

Dominion which is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has now claimed $1.3 billion in damages from the trio.

In August of last year, a lower court judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit, instead stating that it may proceed unhindered.

Lindell had filed an appeal against that decision, but a federal appeals court dismissed it as premature.

Powell and Giuliani, both lawyers who filed election challenges on Trump’s behalf, as well as Lindell, one of Trump’s most ardent public supporters, made several unsubstantiated assertions about the voting system firm during press conferences, election rallies, and on television.

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